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Immerse event participants in unparalleled engagement with our cutting-edge event apps. Designed to captivate attendees, our apps offer interactive features that keep them fully connected to the event experience.

LIVE Timing and Predictive Tracking

Family and Friends can stay connected and fully engaged with real-time updates, no matter where they are.
Whether it's a MTB race, Triathlon or a Marathon, our live timing feature keeps everyone in the loop, allowing them to track progress, monitor splits, and witness the excitement building up right before their eyes. We help followers actively participate, make predictions, and share their excitement with others, creating a vibrant and interactive event community.

Inbox user interface

Push Notifications

With our innovative push notification system, your event followers and particpants will receive timely updates and exclusive content delivered straight to their mobile.
We've taken push notifications a step further by enabling the delivery of photos and immersive movie clips right within the notifications. Get ready to bring an event experience like never before.

Event Push Notifications

Real Time Event Information

We've packed all the key information your event needs into one convenient app platform. Say goodbye to juggling multiple sources and welcome hassle-free event planning right at your participants' fingertips. Our platform provides you with the easiest way to deliver detailed maps, schedules, and essential event information, all in one convenient place. From venue layouts to interactive maps for easy navigation, we've got you covered. But that's not all! We understand that event details can change, so we've implemented real-time updates to keep you in the loop. If there are any schedule changes, map updates, or important announcements, our app will reflect them instantly. Enjoy peace of mind and stay up-to-date with the latest event information. Let our event app be your go-to guide, providing you with all the tools you need for a memorable and stress-free experience.

Inbox user interface

Every feature you need to win. Try it for yourself.

Social Media
GPS Data
Embedded Web Content
Medals & Jerseys
Series Apps
Team & Athlete Profiles

We don't just embed the Facebook or Instagram websites, we pull your social media feeds and display with a little style and class! We are the only event app to pull Instagram stories and they don't disappear after 24 hoursđź‘Ť

Integrate any GPS tracking data into our platform to make predictive tracking more accurate.

With a little bit of Javascript magic embed your events website content within the app making it look native.

Put is much or as little as you want into your events schedule, we'll even create links giving driving directions on how to get to your location.

Display finisher medals or jersey for the leading teams Athletes.

Got a whole series! No problem we've got a solution for that.

A picture of the athlete makes it easier for people to connect with an athlete or team and feel more invested in their result and journey.

A profile picture will increase recognition and brand awareness for the professional athlete. Having a consistent and recognisable image associated with their name makes it easier for fans to identify and remember them.

Options for any size event

No matter the size or scope, our app platform provides a solution for events ranging from local gatherings to large-scale global televised sporting spectacles.

Fully Custom Branded App

A specifically built app for a particular event, or brand. It is designed to reflect the unique identity, style, and objectives of that specific event. A custom built app has branded push notifications with its own App Store listing.

What’s included

  • Push Notifications
  • LIVE Timing
  • Schedule and Event Information
  • Predictive Tracking

Multi Event App

Bring all your events under one app for branding or series benefits.

What’s included

  • Push Notifications
  • LIVE Timing
  • Schedule and Event Information
  • Predictive Tracking

Race App

The Race app is a platform that brings together multiple events under one umbrella. It acts as a centralized hub where users can discover and access various events offered by different event organizers. The Race app offers most of the options of a fully customised event app but at a more affordable price.

What’s included

  • Push Notifications
  • LIVE Timing
  • Schedule and Event Information
  • Training & Set Up assistance

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